X2C | Customization of X2C

Price upon agreement

X2C can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Customization may include, but is not limited to, creating interfaces to other LCM software tools like HOTINT and SyMSpace, developing frame programs, adding new target processors, creating specific blocks and libraries, etc. In addition, development for electronics, on which X2C is to run, can be commissioned.

Possible Items for Customization

    As core element for customization any X2C edition (X2C Free, X2C+, X2C Professional) can be selected.

HNT_Icon_128x128    The combination of HOTINT and X2C allows simulation of mechatronic systems, especially flexible multibody systems. For more information about the free simulation software visit HOTINT.

SYM_Icon_128x128    X2C as part of SyMSpace provides the ability to optimize entire systems, not just control algorithms. For more information about system optimization visit SyMSpace.

Icon_PowerElectronics    It is possible to have (power) electronics developed according to customer-specific requirements. You can find some examples of our electronic development work on our solutions page.

Icon_FrameProgram    In the case that electronics are already available, we can create tailor-made frame programs, which enable a seamless integration of the code generated by X2C. The initialization and configuration of peripherals such as ADCs, communication interfaces, timers, interrupts, capture/compare units, PWM units, etc. is part of our regular business.

Icon_TargetProcessor    The support of new target processors in X2C can be ordered.

Icon_AdditionalLibraries    Customer-specific blocks and libraries can be developed and added on request.

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