X2C | Libraries

Standard Libraries

X2C Basic Library

The Basic library contains system blocks for configuration of the X2C model and to ease the work flow. Model configuration is slightly different in Matlab/Simulink and Scilab/Xcos, so the Basic library differs for Simulink and Xcos.

  • Block(s) for starting X2C Communicator and analyzing the model
  • Project documentation block(s)
  • Special function blocks

X2C General Library

The General library contains general purpose blocks.

  • Inport and Outport blocks as interfaces to the target
  • Various source and sink blocks
  • Signal limitation blocks
  • Signal routing blocks
  • Blocks with basic logical functions
  • Conversion blocks for connecting blocks with different signal data types
  • One and two dimensional look-up table blocks

X2C Math Library

The Math library contains blocks with mathematical functions.

  • Arithmetic function blocks
  • Trigonometric function blocks
  • Selected special mathematical function blocks

X2C Control Library

The Control library contains blocks for creating control algorithms.

  • I, PI, and PID control blocks
  • High and low pass filter blocks
  • Discrete transfer function blocks
  • Time discrete system blocks

X2C Filter Library

The blocks in the Filter library can be used for signal conditioning.

  • Fast fourier transformation blocks
  • Generic, discrete transfer function blocks
  • Second order filter blocks with various filter characteristics
  • Variable order infinite impulse reponse filter block

Proprietary Libraries

X2C MotorControl Library

The MotorControl library contains blocks for creating field oriented control algorithms for permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM).

X2C MotorControl Library
  • Coordination system transformation blocks
  • (Space vector) Modulation blocks
  • Blocks for assessing angular sensor signals (calculation of rotational angle and speed)
  • Field oriented current control block

X2C StateControl Library

The StateControl library contains logic blocks and blocks for creating simple state machines.

  • State blocks for state machines
  • Transition blocks for state machine
  • Various logic blocks
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